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THE BIONIC VET A six part observational documentary series commissioned by the BBC and screened on BBC One. The series focuses on the pioneering work of veterinary surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick. Noel rebuilds animals, using sophisticated and medically cutting edge procedures. Fitting two new prosthetic feet to Oscar the cat, who was maimed when run over by a combine harvester, or replacing cancerous bone with a unique metal bionic implant in two year old Labrador Charlie, is all in a day’s work for the bionic vet. The series has received international acclaim and is currently playing in territories all around the world.


WILDLIFE SOS A series in which presenter and wildlife rescuer, Simon Cowell, travels the globe to find out how his counterparts are trying to ensure the survival of some of the world’s most endangered species. From the mountain gorillas in war torn Democratic Republic of Congo, the great white sharks off South Africa’s southern cape and the last stronghold for Belize’s american crocodiles, Simon gets hands-on as he reveals more about how dedicated conservationists are often laying their lives on the line to give these threatened creatures a second chance. The current format marks the culmination of eleven series that have been made for Discovery over the past fifteen years.
THE CROC COUPLE In Belize, American expats Vince and Cherie Rose have sacrificed more than most to try and save the endangered population of American Crocodiles. Local Mayan villagers, who’ve long held misguided beliefs linking crocodiles to the devil and the underworld, attacked Vince and Cherie’s first crocodile sanctuary, shooting every croc in sight and razing their home to the ground. In spite of losing every personal possession and memento of their former lives, the couple are battling on to make sure that American Crocodiles have a fighting chance. Although the work of rescuing, monitoring and relocating them is often challenging and dangerous, the croc couple are determined to make sure that these much misunderstood creatures will survive. Also in development are: Going Wild, Wildlife Warriors, Running Wild.

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